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8 Myths about Russian Women

Gomel is a beautiful city in Belarus and is quite popular for the kind of people it has within itself. There is nothing better than having a beautiful Russian woman by your side, as your wife. The moment you wake up in the morning and see her face, you know that the beautiful woman is all yours and that too for all your life. This is one of the reasons why most of the single men are now doing all that they can to find amazing Russian wives for themselves.
But there are still a lot of people, who believe that Gomel women are not marriage materials and are not good for dating at all. However, this is untrue. Here are the eight myths you would always hear about Russian women:
1)They lack commitment: This is the biggest myth you would ever hear about Gomel women; the truth is that they are extremely committed and know how to keep their words. If they tell you they would get married to you, they surely would.
2)They are not worth trusting, because they betray their partners most of the times: A lot of people believe that Russian women are not loyal towards their partners and hence, they don’t like them. But this is untrue; talk to those, who have Gomel women as their wives and they would tell you how loyal their wives are to them.
3)They are not honest at all: Most of the people believe that Russian women are not honest towards their partners and keep lying; however, there is no other woman, who knows the meaning of honesty as much as a Russian woman.
4)They believe in keeping more than a single affair: This is one of the worst myths you would ever hear about Russian women; however, they are extremely committed and loyal towards their partners.
5)They get married only for the sake of spending their husband’s money: This is, again, a very ugly statement. Russian women are quite self-dependent.
6)They are not marriage materials at all: Date Gomel women and you would know why this statement is just a myth; they are perfect to be wives in all the ways.
7)They believe in messing their husband’s life: Russian women extremely understand and even if you are workaholic, they know how to be true to you.
8)They dislike kids and hence don’t like getting pregnant: If this is true, how is the location surviving without kids? Of course, they believe in extending their families after getting married!

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